15 Dec 2013

This is a task for Obvious Man–Dec 15, 2013 Edition

I picked up today’s Deccan Chronicle at the local Café Coffee Day, not because I am a big fan but because it was free (duh!). And with my birthday a day away, I thought it would be a good idea to check out my birthday forecasts.

This is what Aparna Bose had to say for Sagittarians -

~ Make sure you follow through on whatever you start instead of leaving projects half way
~ Avoid getting into confrontations with your boss
~ Those with a loan to pay off need to be careful with finances
~ Work on maintaining a good equation with colleagues and junior staff especially during stressful moments
~ Look at how you can improve presentation skills
~ Pay attention the signals your body sends you, especially when it comes to eating habits
~ Those above 35 should gift themselves a complete health check-up every year
~ Drink enough water and avoid soft drinks & packaged juice

Her more generic forecast -
~ Preparation for any meeting needs to be done in a systematic & meticulous manner
~ Think from multiple perspectives to get the best possible options
~ Your boss might want to have a look at any client presentation and you must ensure all data is accurate
~ If you invest in a rental property, make sure the building in tenant friendly

And her last contribution in the form of “karmic” tips, one per sun sign -
~ Do not worry too much about other people’s opinions
~ Don’t lose your temper over small matters
~ Do not value others’ opinion beyond a point
~ Think before you speak or act
~ Confide only in people you know you can trust
~ Do not bite off more than you can chew

And since Deccan Chronicle believes in giving even more value for money on Sundays, here is Jonathan Cainer weighing in with his birthday forecast for Sagittarius. I mean, when the headline reads “Uranus heralds a revelation”, you have to read it, right?

“If it really is a mountain, why is there a little furry mole with tiny beady eyes, at the top? And how come, when you stand tall, it become nothing more than a minor mound on the ground? Mountains don’t change size, regardless of how we may alter our sense of perspective. They look big from a distance, and they look big up close. Even if we fly up in a plane and look down on them, they still seem pretty darned big. Your current challenge only seems big when you are feeling small. You can easily rise above it this week.”

WTF? Seriously?? These people get paid for this? And people actually pay Jonathan Cainer to read this stuff on his website? I am clearly in the wrong profession. Its time to call Obvious Man!